The Woman Behind the Design…

Distinctive. Personality. Appetite. Compassion. Authentic.

Five core words defining every design, and Wendi herself.

Distinctive: creativity and style that stands out in a crowd. Personality: a unique expression of This is me – this is who I am! Appetite: the taste for life, for all its wonder and flavour. Compassion: understanding without judgement or ego. Authentic: staying true to oneself and the value of family, honesty, passion and joy.


Our Core Value:

“Client care with Distinction.”
Wendi Ronspies Design aims for a standard of excellence in the quality of customer care we provide by bringing a vision to life that far exceeds our client’s expectations in every way.

We infuse our business with the belief and desire that our clients feel welcomed, respected, included and overjoyed from beginning to end. The relationships we develop with our clients are the ultimate gratification.


Before opening Wendi Ronspies Design in 2011, Wendi joined John Hull Architect of Red Deer, Alberta, in 2001 and became an Associate Partner in 2008. With Certification in Construction Principles and Architectural Tech, she worked with several architectural firms throughout Canada and the USA before settling in Red Deer.

With over 27 years in residential and commercial design, Wendi polished her design skills on projects like the Ronald MacDonald House, Herc’s Nutrition, Lex 3 Engineering, Divine Spine Central Alberta, Crossroads Church and the Gasoline Alley Indoor Farmers Market, to name a few.

Wendi is passionate about developing a sense of community through support and service to include sitting as President on the Board of Directors for the Red Deer Hospice. Other non-profit projects include the Red Deer Christmas Bureau, Canadian Mental Health and The Dragonfly Centre for the Women’s Outreach, to name a few.