Our Process

All new construction, renovation or property upgrades begin with a desire for change, whether for function, more space or upgrading decorative elements.

That desire leads to questions.

Wendi Ronspies Design has the answers to these questions and more.

Services we offer include:

~ Architectural Drawing Packages for:

• Development Permits
• Building Permits
• Construction
• Pricing

~ Custom Commercial Tenant Improvements
~ Space Planning & Conceptual Design
~ Custom Renovations & New Builds
~ Project Management
~ Interior Design
~ Décor


Exceptional commercial and residential design builds on structure, quality, integrity, communication and innovation. Our comprehensive approach is an inclusive atmosphere from concept to completion where our clients’ needs, ideas and dreams are welcomed and every detail accounted for.

What does custom design mean? To us, custom means:
• Personality shines
• No detail is overlooked
• Architecturally sound design
• Hand selecting every element
• Originality, quality and precision
• A sense of belonging in the space
• Ease, functionality and sustainability
• Collaboration between designer and client
• Exceptional customer experience and service

The Process gets Underway...

The Rendezvous

The gathering of minds is where it all begins! Whether we meet on-site or in our office, every idea and wish is welcome to our open table discussion. As we get to know each other, we note your personality, style and how you experience the current space.

We listen to your design goals then describe the process to achieve them, adding solutions and insights for any challenging areas. After evaluating and documenting the existing or new space, we get to the drawing board.

The Proposal

Every project is as unique as you are. Tailoring your design details involves aligning the perfect trades, hard and soft furnishings and colours to accomplish a stunning result.

With architectural and interior design, you receive visual mock-ups of your space, so you have a complete understanding of the project you agree to. Our proposal is inclusive of all expenses, with our design fees charged separately at an hourly rate based on the project’s complexity.

Be assured, we highly respect your budget and timeline, and we work to provide you with valuable options to stay within them. Once the proposal is approved, the real fun begins!

A Work in Progress

Admittedly, there has to be some de-construction before the design project takes shape. While this can shake up a person’s routine and get a little noisy, it is also a positive sign of change!

Communication and transparency are crucial elements to any project’s success but are essential throughout the construction process. Wendi ensures cohesion amongst the trades and ongoing collaboration with you as the project progresses.

Wendi provides on-site project management from start to finish, verifying that every aspect of the construction drawings, schedule and standard of excellence is followed.

Oh, the Possibilities!

The beauty of your design is in the furnishings. They add dimension and texture, colour and light, mood and definition to your space.

We consider you our inspiration, our muse in which to create, and we couldn’t do it without you! Together, we curate quality furnishings from flooring to paint colour to create the perfect custom palette.

Wendi guides you through the selection process with fresh ideas inspired by your tastes while keeping your experience fun and exciting. After all, isn’t this the moment you have been waiting for?

The Finale

The finale is that spine-tingling moment when all the planning, hard work and polishing of every detail transform a space into one of a deeply personal or exquisitely branded expression.

It is when the client gets to fully immerse themselves in their new space with pride, excitement and joy. Businesses become rejuvenated with a new energy that appeals to their customers. Homeowners can now rejoice in their homes whether they invite guests to celebrate or relax in private.